Feedback in Portkey provide a simple way to get weighted feedback from customers on any request you served, at any stage in your app.

You can capture this feedback on a generation or conversation level and analyze it based on custom tags by adding meta data to the relevant request.

The Feedback API allows you to gather weighted feedback from users on any generation or conversation at any stage within your app. By incorporating custom metadata, you can tag and analyze feedback more effectively.

API Reference

Create Feedback | Update Feedback

SDK Usage

The feedback.create method in the Portkey SDK provides a way to capture user feedback programmatically.

Method Signature;


  • feedbackParams (Object): Parameters for the feedback request, including trace_id, value, weight, and metadata.

Example Usage

import Portkey from 'portkey-ai';

// Initialize the Portkey client
const portkey = new Portkey({
    apiKey: "PORTKEY_API_KEY"  // Replace with your Portkey API key

// Send feedback
const sendFeedback = async () => {
        traceID: "REQUEST_TRACE_ID",
        value: 1  // For thumbs up
await sendFeedback();

The Update Feedback API allows you to update existing feedback details

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