You can filter analytics & logs by the following parameters:

  1. Model Used: The AI provider and the model used.

  2. Cost: The cost of the request in cents

  3. Tokens: The total number of tokens used in the request

  4. Status: The API status of the response that was received from the LLM provider

  5. Meta: The metadata properties sent to Portkey

  6. Avg Weighted Feedback: The average weighted feedback scores calculated for the requests

  7. Virtual Key: The virtual key that's used

  8. Config: The Config ID that's passed to the request

  9. Trace ID: Request trace ID

  10. Time Range: The date and time range for the analytics & logs

Saved Filters

Quickly access your frequently used filter combinations with the Saved Filters feature. Save any set of filters directly from the search bar on the Logs or Analytics pages. Saved filters allow you to instantly apply complex filter rules without retyping them every time.

Saved filters are accessible to all organization members, who can also edit, rename, or delete them as needed. Share saved filters with teammates to streamline collaboration and ensure everyone has access to the right data views.

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