Portkey's AI gateway currently supports text-to-speech models like tts-1 and tts-1-hd by OpenAI.


We follow the OpenAI signature where you can send the input text and the voice option as a part of the API request. All the output formats mp3, opus, aac, flac, and pcm are supported. Portkey also supports real time audio streaming for TTS models.

Here's an example:

import fs from "fs";
import path from "path";
import OpenAI from "openai";
import { PORTKEY_GATEWAY_URL, createHeaders } from 'portkey-ai'

const openai = new OpenAI({
  defaultHeaders: createHeaders({
    apiKey: "PORTKEY_API_KEY",
    virtualKey: "OPENAI_VIRTUAL_KEY"

const speechFile = path.resolve("./speech.mp3");

async function main() {
  const mp3 = await openai.audio.speech.create({
    model: "tts-1",
    voice: "alloy",
    input: "Today is a wonderful day to build something people love!",
  const buffer = Buffer.from(await mp3.arrayBuffer());
  await fs.promises.writeFile(speechFile, buffer);


On completion, the request will get logged in the logs UI and show the cost and latency incurred.

Supported Providers and Models

The following providers are supported for text-to-speech with more providers getting added soon. Please raise a request or a PR to add model or provider to the AI gateway.


tts-1 tts-1-hd

Deepgram (Coming Soon)

ElevanLabs (Coming Soon)

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