Budget Limits

Budget Limits lets you set cost limits on virtual keys

Budget Limits on Virtual Keys provide a simple way to manage your spending on AI providers (and LLMs) - giving you confidence and control over your application's costs.

Budget Limit is currently only available to Portkey Enterprise Plan customers. Email us at [email protected] if you would like to enable it for your org.

Setting Budget Limits on Virtual Keys

When creating a new virtual key on Portkey, you can set a budget limit in USD. Once the limit is reached, the key automatically expires, preventing further usage and overspending.

Key Considerations

  • There is No time period for budget limits; they apply until the budget is exhausted

  • Budget limits are set in USD and can include decimal values

  • The budget limit applies only to requests made after the limit is set; it does not retroactively apply to previous requests

  • Once set, budget limits cannot be edited by any organization member

  • The minimum budget limit you can set is $1

  • Budget limits work for all providers available on Portkey and apply to all organization members who use the virtual key

Editing Budget Limits

If you need to change or update a budget limit, you can duplicate the existing virtual key and create a new one with the desired limit.

Monitoring Your Spending

You can track your spending for any specific virtual key by navigating to the Analytics tab and filtering by the desired key and timeframe.

Pricing Support and Limitations

Budget limits currently apply to all providers and models for which Portkey has pricing support. If a specific request log shows 0 cents in the COST column, it means that Portkey does not currently track pricing for that model, and it will not count towards the virtual key's budget limit.

It's important to note that budget limits cannot be applied retrospectively. The spend counter starts from zero only after you've set a budget limit for a key.


Budget Limits is currently available exclusively to Portkey Enterprise customers. If you're interested in enabling this feature for your account, please reach out us at [email protected] or join the Portkey Discord community.

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